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Hello I am Fritz or SCLPTURES or whatever sounds good for u, I love to draw on my silly little iPad and make silly little characters!

I made this website as my little home, to showcase everything about me and all I do, I thought it was about time I needed something like this, so one day i just took the plunge and decided to learn proper CSS and HTML. (toyhouse gave me a bit of a kickstart)


She/they, INTP-T, Scottish | Syrian | Palestinian

I'm just a chronically online arab teenager who loves to draw and make characters, my main medium is digital art but I plan to branch out and explore some traditional art. I really like my characters so expect some rambling about them and such (and also a LOT of art about them, sorry...).


I enjoy listening to music in my free time, especially when I draw. I really like rock, indie rock and a bit of Vocaloid. Some of my favourite songs can be found in the music player below.

My favourite aesthetics are 80s fashion, formal clothing and generally dark / moody stuff. I am also a big fan of beaches, palm trees and tropical things.

webcliques rock me arctic monkeys
the last shadow puppets the bourne identity
aromatic // sandalwood
caffeineNATION ☕︎ caffe latte
rainbow 🌈 dark red
stamps (flashing)


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